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From recent college graduates to executives, the focus of our firm is finding you the right job. We provide candidates with a strong marketing tool to attract potential employers.

Career Services

Certified Interview Coach in Boston, MA


Whether you are pursuing a new venture or competing for a higher position within your current organization, your resume is the first step in getting considered.

Does your current resume position you ahead of the competition?

  • Does it set you apart from everyone else?
  • Does it present your value and what you bring to a company through quantifiable information and contributions?
  • Is your resume compatible with the sophisticated technologies (applicant tracking systems) in place at most company's recruiter/search organizations?
  • Is the format of your resume unique? Professional in appearance? And does it represent you at the professional level you have earned throughout your career?
  • If you answered "no" to any or all of these questions, it's time to consider investing in yourself/your future with our career services like interview coaching and professional resume writing in Boston.

It is a competitive world out there. Applying for a job, whether you are starting out or looking to advance your career, is tough. Businesses and organizations are only looking for the best. When it’s time to submit your resume, are you bringing your “A” game?

Make the winning move and work with a resume writer and certified interview coach in Boston, MA, you can trust. At Game Changing Resumes, we work as your coach and strategist. Submit stronger applications, impress hiring managers, and get the job with our robust career building services.

Team up with us, and we’ll take your resume and cover letter writing to the next level. We work with you to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the job search, application, and interview process.

Play the Game to Win: Mastering the Application Process

If your resume isn’t communicating your value, then nobody will notice you. Make the right adjustments, and you will go further in the application process. By working with our professional resume and interview coach, you will gain the tools and confidence you need to stay on the path to professional advancement and success. Our services include:

Resume Writing: Often, your resume is the first--and only--chance to leave an impression. We’ll help you create, revise, and fine-tune your resume so it stands out: both to hiring managers and through today’s sophisticated applicant tracking systems.

Cover Letter Writing: If the resume is a snapshot of your professional life, then the cover letter is your chance to establish your “brand”. We can help you compose winning cover documents that will set you apart from the crowd.

Interview Coaching: The interview is your chance to prove that you are the right fit for an organization. We can simulate the “hot seat” and help you master the interview. We’ll tailor each session according to the position or industry you are applying to.

About Game Changing Resumes

Game Changing Resumes is committed to helping professionals steer their careers in the right direction. Founded by a former job recruiter, our company bases its services on professional development and branding. We know how to build better resumes and professional personas, because we have experience as recruiters, hiring managers, and professional consultants.

Our services are highly adaptive. We have helped clients secure positions in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, education, retail, law enforcement, and more.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality services, professional advice, convenience, confidentiality, quick turnaround, and success with the job search. Our interest is in YOU and helping you succeed in the position you seek. For powerful resumes, cover letters, and job search assistance, you can count on Game Changing Resumes. 

Our focus is your career. We help target your audience, identify and capitalize on your competitive edge, and secure interviews with impactful resumes. In short: we help jump-start your career.

Contact us to request a consultation for our career building services. We proudly serve professionals throughout Boston, MA, the surrounding area, and also clients throughout the United States.

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About Game Changing Resumes

Rosemarie Ginsberg, owner of Game Changing Resumes, began working as a job recruiter in 1994. Her passion for working with job seekers to find employment or advance their careers, quickly led to furthering her expertise and specialization by becoming a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Interview Coach. In 1998, she launched her employment services business.

During her time as a recruiter, she identified that most candidates conducting a job / career search were faced with the critical problem of an ineffective resume, and began critiquing and editing the documents to improve their interview success rates. It was at this point that she joined numerous industry organizations were she received extensive training and certifications to perfect the art of resume writing and career search and management strategies. 

In addition to providing resume and interview coaching for her own clients, Rosemarie has served as the exclusive resume writer for a global logistics company, and the Senior Content Developer for a digital/multi-media resume portfolio organization, a leader in the electronic career portfolio market that services executive level candidates with credentials and needs that extend beyond the traditional resume. 

Rosemarie has worked with all levels of people from recent college grads to corporate executives in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, education, retail, law enforcement/legal, medical, government, nonprofit, and hospitality.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality services, professional advice, convenience, confidentiality, quick turnaround, and success with job search. Our interest is in YOU and helping you succeed in the position you seek. For powerful resumes, cover letters, and job search assistance, you can count on Game Changing Resumes.

Our focus. Your career. Targeting your audience. Identifying and capitalizing on your competitive edge. Getting you interviews with our impactful resumes. In short: helping you launch or jumpstart your career.

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